Walking the line

Couple strolling in sunshine  along the esplanade at Ventnor on the Isle of Wight. Don’t forget it’s Red Nose day, pop over to and donate a few quid

Taking a Fence

Well actually it was a windmill at Bembridge. Intentional highlighting the fence to remove the distraction and lead you to the figures. Touching on the side of over exposure just for the fun of it, but like the result  

To the Bright side of the Road

Fences, barriers from our little mini family birthday break at Center Parcs, Longleat. The site is quite hilly and the planners laid out a whole raft of raised boardwalks to keep the humans away from the forest floor and also provide access to the accommodation and...

Viewing the Wall

The sunny view of the wall with the well placed bench ! Happy Bench Monday back to the grind for looking in to space after the winter break wondering what to do having had two weeks away from the desk or work place. Don’t worry it won’t be long before...

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