Retail vendors at the Portsmouth Dockyard Victorian Festival of Christmas . Period dress with street action. THe atraction has a whole host of naval fun for the visitor including; Mary Rose Museum, HMS Victory, HMS Warrior 1860, HMS Alliance, National Museum Royal Navy Portsmouth, Explosion! Museum, Royal Marines Museum, Action Stations (Mr J G Woracker)

New Year, new start and get organised, well that’s all gone out the window by day 15!

Thinking I’ll get out with the camera and get some wildlife shots at the start of the year, no chance continual rain (well almost) high winds and then on the intermittent periods of no rain stacks of projects queued up to be completed in almost impossible deadlines.

A little bit up the creek, but hey at least I’ve got a paddle 🙂

Oh well, HaPpY Hippo says it will soon be spring!

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