Stubbing it out after finishing coffee. You have to wonder if the Government’s coffers are seriously suffering from the lack of tax gather on this habit? Is it perhaps a pay off against the high cost of maintaining Mr Joe public with various lung diseases! Well this guy was enjoying his puff in some winter sun on the esplanade at Ventnor, Isle of Wight along with his coffee (Mr J G Woracker)
A collection of people smoking or the results of smoking.
Why well people who do this are now in a minority it would seem in certain parts of the UK, the approach from the non smokers seems to vary by the expression on their faces and body language.
Yet by many it is seen to be a social event and many will stereotype the smoker as a friendly, informative and chatty person, in the workplace as the gathered smokers supporting the business decisions and up dating colleges across the business. By many time wasters, clock watchers and skivers.

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