Appley Tower Ryde, Isle of Wight

Appley House was on an eminence with views of the sea, protected by a sea wall. It was Tudor Revival and Gothic Revival in style. There was a clock tower at the east end. After Sir William Hutt bought it in about 1870, he had the house, gardens and estate extensively remodelled.

Other buildings
In about 1875 Hutt had a folly built just above the beach in the form of a castle tower. The tower is circular, with battlements, a turret and an external stair. It has Gothic Revival tracery windows, and an oriel window facing the sea. It survives and is a local landmark.

The estate had a farm with stables and a turreted water tower. These buildings also survive, with the stables divided into three bungalows. Another surviving building is a 19th-century lodge on Appley Road, built in a Jacobethan and Dutch Revival style.

The estate had a conservatory that measured 63 by 23 feet (19.2 m × 7.0 m). Near it was an aviary that housed rare species of parrots. There was also an orangery. The kitchen gardens and forcing houses were on the opposite side of the road. Citation from Wikipedia

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