The frozen lakes of Triotuppee

The first day light after the transport drop us on the planet of Ferritin as part of an expedition to see if the locals are friendly. Boy is it cold, our recording equipment froze within minutes of unpacking, lucky for you guys I managed to pop this shot off of Eci...

Day break amongst the Sporophytes trees

Having travelled what would seem like south (the planet appears to have no magnet poles) from the frozen lakes of Triotuppee, cutting our way through the dense Gametophytes undergrowth we had managed to locate a safe place for the night. We awoke as one of the suns...

Taking a Fence

Well actually it was a windmill at Bembridge. Intentional highlighting the fence to remove the distraction and lead you to the figures. Touching on the side of over exposure just for the fun of it, but like the result  

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